Euro Repair rig conversion puts UK drilling project on track

Drilling rig maintenance and conversion company Euro Repair Services saved the day for a drilling company when it couldn’t find the right rig for a UK-based contract.

UK and Dubai based drilling contractor Meridian Drilling turned to Euro Repair after it was unable to find a suitable RC drilling rig within the time parameters dictated by a new contract. 

Euro Repair founder Alan Booth, who has worked in the industry for over 40 years, explained: “RC rigs in the UK are scarce and after an exhaustive search none were found either here or in Europe.

“We suggested a conversion of an Ingersoll Rand T4 water well drilling rig into a custom built RC rig fit for this specific drilling project.”

The conversion involved a complete rebuild at Euro Repair’s Mansfield-base. The first stage saw the T4 removed from its original 6 x 6 wheeled American chassis and remounted on a LGP (low ground pressure) track base, better suited to the soft, undulating ground conditions expected on the proposed drill site. 

Next the mast was removed and all the chains, sprockets, bushes and runners replaced. 

Then the QSK19 diesel engine and IR 970/375 compressor were refurbished and modified to adhere to local noise level regulations and the drill head was serviced and converted to RC. 

Finally, hydraulic jacks were added to the base unit and a new cyclone system was fabricated.  

In total, the conversion took six weeks to be fully commissioned to UK Health and Safety regulations.

“As part of the service, we supplied an engineer to accompany the converted rig, and provided full mechanical backup for the first two weeks of its life on site,” said Alan. 

The converted rig is now capable of drilling 20-inch diameter holes and handling 19 inch casing with a pullback of 23 tonnes. The rig has since gone on to complete its drilling program.

Alan added: “This conversion shows the depth of engineering expertise that we have. I’m proud of the achievements of all of our staff, many worked long hours to make sure the clients’ deadlines were met.”